I never even dreamed we'd get this far. It's all thanks to you guys.
Biographical Information
Name Usui
Also known as Captain
Physical Statistics
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (3rd year)
Afilliation Seiryo High School

Usui is a 3rd year high school student at Seiryo High School and is the former captain of their basketball team, which the teammates showed great respects to.


Usui is an average guy with short dark hair and a friendly face, though he openly admits that he doesn't quite stand out much.


He is a kind and gentle senpai to his teammates.


Mitsuki Haruno Edit

Mitsuki bumped into him at the boys' inter-high tournament after she got lost trying to search for Towa and his teammates. He was kind enough to show her to where the boys were located. Initially, she thought he is just a normal member, but was surprised to discover he is actually their team captain.

Seiryo basketball team Edit

Despite his looks, his team members respects him as their team captain. He acknowledges Towa Asakura, Ryuuji Tada, Rui Miyamoto and Kyousuke Wakamiya as they are strong and very skillful-each possess a unique talent and ability in basketball. Ryuuji eventually replaces him, after their school didn't make it through the finals.


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