Mitsuki...? You're playing around with others again? Even though you're so busy.
Biographical Information
Kanji 莉乃
Rōmaji Rino
Also known as Rino
Physical Statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark
Professional Status
Occupation High school student

Boy's basketball club manager

Afilliation Hojo High School
Hojo Basketball Club

Rino (莉乃, りの, Rino) is a high school student and a club manager at Hōjō High School.


Rino is a cute girl with a long dark hair that is tied in a pigtails and dark-colored eyes. She is seen wearing either her Hōjō High School uniform or manager clothes.


Rino is a responsible and caring person who is carefully watching over Aya Kamiyama and she is constantly worried about his well-being.  


Mitsuki Haruno

Mitsuki is acquainted with Rino who bumped into each other together with Aya, in order to watch a basketball practice match held at Seiryō High School's gym, where Mitsuki accidentally dropped the homemade cookie she intended to give to Towa Asakura. They meet again at the inter-high preliminaries where she learns Aya is actually very close with Mitsuki.

Aya Kamiyama

Rino is Aya's club manager. Aya appears to be close to Rino as she is her club manager. He was being accompanied by her at Seiryo High School in order to observe a practice match, where they consequently run into Mitsuki (Aya's childhood friend). Rino appears to be close with Aya; though, he is oftentimes quite stubborn and tends to wander around. She would be the first to look for him whenever he's gone astray.


  • It is hinted that Rino may have feelings for Aya Kamiyama, but it is unknown if Aya feels the same.


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