Biographical Information
Also known as Oka-san
Physical Statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Light color
Eye Color Dark
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (1st year, Class 4)
Afilliation Seiryo High School

Oka is a 1st year high school student and a classmate of Mitsuki Haruno.


Oka is an average girl with a long hair and wears glasses.


Oka does not show much of a specific personality in the first few pages she appears in, other than the fact that she—like many other girls—seems to have a crush on some boys.


Mitsuki Haruno

Mitsuki is Oka's classmate. At the start, Mitsuki wanted to get friends with her and Yoshizawa, but she's struggling to make a conversation. They briefly string along, but eventually drifts apart, since Oka and her other friend started to hang around at the boys' soccer club, whom they have crushes on.


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