If I were to date either one of them, I think I'd be really happy.
Biographical Information
Kanji ナナセ
Rōmaji Nanase
Also known as Nana-chan

Nana-san (by Ryuuji)

Physical Statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Light red orange
Eye Color Reddish brown
Professional Status
Occupation College Student

Part-time cafe waitress

Afilliation Words Cafe
Personal Status
Relatives Father

Nanase (ナナセ) also known as Nana-san or Nana-chan is Mitsuki's co-worker at Words Cafe and the daughter of the manager called Master.


Nanase is a tall, sexy and pretty woman with long hair and slim body. She appears to be carefree and wears a confident smile around people. She is usually seen wearing her working clothes which consists of a pair of black pants, black elbow length sleeves top under a white t-shirt and a short waist apron. She typically puts up her hair in a top knot hairstyle when she's at work.


Nanase has a mature and strong-willed personality. She is an outgoing type of person, although she can be strict especially towards her father and Mitsuki's friends. She is very caring and protective of Mitsuki. Nanase sometime dislikes the way the boys are making fun of Mitsuki and would scold them every time they mistreated her.


Mitsuki Haruno

Mitsuki is Nanase's workmate at Words Cafe where they take turn to do their shifts. Mitsuki would sometimes work overtime or voluntarily help at the cafe whenever the shop's busy. Nanase is like an older sister to Mitsuki who worries and cares about her well-being. They have a close relationship, in which they could comfortably talk about anything including their love life and give a sisterly advice. 

Ryuuji Tada

Ryuuji has a one-sided love for Nanase. He is hopelessly devoted to her and even describes her as the girl with a goddess-like beauty. He went to the cafe to confess his feelings to her but was firmly rejected. Despite the rejection, he continues to visit her at the cafe in the hopes that he will win her love someday. Nanase didn't have a good impression of him at first because he was being accompanied by his friends at the time he did his confession. He also got his wristband signed by her through Towa, in which he was thought of as girly. Nevertheless, she developed an amicable relationship with him and his friends. 


  • Nanase is practicing baking and has baked an apple pie for Mitsuki and the boys to celebrate their victory for winning their games.
  • She is older than Mitsuki and attends college.
  • She also gave Ryuuji and his friends an herb tea based drinks as gifts to show her support.
  • She isn't good at studying, as her father mentioned that she almost had to repeat a year during high school.
  • She helps her father run their cafe business by working part-time after she finishes her college class.
  • Nana calls Ryuuji by his first name.
  • She is currently taking a break from romance after her relationship with an older guy didn't work out.


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