Mrs Kamiyama
Biographical Information
Also known as Mother

Yuuko-san (by Aya)

Physical Statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Light color
Eye Color Dark
Professional Status
Occupation Doctor
Personal Status
Relatives Husband

Aya (son)

Mrs Kamiyama otherwise called Yuuko-san, is the mother of Aya.


She is a beautiful middle age woman with short and light-colored hair.


Mrs Kamiyama appears to be a gentle and caring person. Although she's busy with her job as a doctor, she also worries about Aya's well-being and takes good care of her family.


Aya Kamiyama

Aya is Mrs Kamiyama's only son. Aya seems to have a rebellious and fairly distant relationship with his mom. He even calls her by her first name. It was revealed in the past that Aya's parents were always busy with their individual work that led him to be solitary most of the time at their home. He also mentioned that he liked it when his mom would cut his hair, but because she was sometimes not around, Aya's hair grew remarkably long for a boy that makes him look like a girl.


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