Mr. Kamiyama
Biographical Information
Also known as Mr Kamiyama

Aya's Father

Physical Statistics
Gender Male
Hair Color Light color
Eye Color Dark
Professional Status
Occupation Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Wife

Aya (son)

Mr Kamiyama is the father of Aya.


Aya's father is a handsome middle age man with short, light-colored hair.


Mr Kamiyama is a hardworking father who is always busy with his job. He comes across as a firm father to his son.


Aya Kamiyama

Aya is Mr Kamiyama's only son. He seems to have a fairly distant relationship with his father. It was revealed in the past that Aya's parents were always busy with their own work that led him to be alone most of the time. Because he was feeling lonely, he started to play basketball, the sport his father love. Around that time, Aya's family moved to America due to his father's occupation. After Aya turned high school, he returns home in Japan with his mom.


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