If someone has a little courage, or a little compassion, then even that girl can laugh and play with the rest of them.
Biographical Information
Kanji マスター
Rōmaji Master
Also known as Master
Physical Statistics
Gender Male
Hair Color Light colored
Professional Status
Occupation Cafe Manager/Boss
Afilliation Words Cafe
Personal Status
Relatives Daughter

Master (マスター ) or "Boss" is Nanase's father who works as a manager at Words Cafe.


Master is a tall, middle-age man. He has a faint mustache and wears a rectangle-framed eyeglasses. He is seen wearing his work attire at the cafe which consists of a rolled-up long sleeve shirt, a pair of pants and a long waist apron.


Master has a gentle and easy-going personality. He is very caring to everyone and a father-figure towards Mitsuki and her friends.


Mitsuki Haruno

Mitsuki is a part-time employee at the Words Cafe. Master is like a second father to her and treats her kindly.


Nanase is Master's daughter. She works at Words Cafe after her class is finished. She has a close relationship with her father; although, she sometimes reprimands him.


  • He manages their business at the cafe together with his daughter who works as a clerk and cleaner.
  • His wife already passed away.


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