English Name We Hope For Blooming
We Are Waiting For Spring
Harumatsu Bokura
Waiting For Spring
Japanese Name 春待つ僕ら
General Information
Author Anashin
Artist Anashin
Publisher Kodansha
Published April 2014 issue -
Serialization Dessert
Demographic Shoujo
Genre School life, Romance
Status Ongoing
Volumes 9
Chapters 40
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Haru Matsu Bokura (春待つ僕ら) also known as We Hope For Blooming or Waiting For Spring is a Japanese shoujo manga written and illustrated by Anashin. It began serialization in April 2014 issue of Kodansha's Dessert magazine. [1] In 2017, the manga was nominated for the 41st Kodansha manga award as best shojo manga and has been licensed in English as Waiting for Spring by Kodansha Comics USA. [2] 

The American Library Association's (ALA's) Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) included the manga in its 2018 list of Great Graphic Novels for Teens.[3] In the same year, a live-action film was announced and set to be released during winter in Japan. [4]


Mitsuki had always dreamt of breaking out of her shell and finding true friends as she enters high school. However, she suddenly encounters a group of four good-looking guys from the basketball team, guiding her into an unexpected direction...?


PpmMitsuki Haruno
The protagonist of the series. She wanted to stop being a loner and suddenly becomes surrounded by the ikemen guys from the basketball club!

PptTowa Asakura
Mitsuki's classmate and love interest who is in the basketball club. He is quiet but always helps out Mitsuki.

PpaAya Kamiyama
2nd year student at Hōjō High School and Mitsuki's childhood friend who is actually a boy.

PpriRui Miyamoto
Mitsuki's friend who is in the same year. His innocent smile is cute, but in reality, that is just a facade?

PpkKyousuke Wakamiya
Mitsuki's friend and upperclassman. Mysterious and cool-headed, he acts like a big brother to everyone.

PprjRyuuji Tada
Mitsuki's friend and upperclassman. He is naughty but is somewhat naive, and he only likes Nanase-san.

The daughter of the manager of the cafe and Mitsuki's co-worker. She is frank and strong-minded, and acts like a big sister to everyone.

Pprn2Reina Yamada
Mitsuki's first female friend and classmate. She has an unusual hobby and interest.

The owner of the cafe where Mitsuki works. He kindly watches over her.


Mitsuki wanted to have some real friends in high school, but didn't go well for her. However, at her part-time workplace, 4 princely ikemen from her school's basketball club show up. As these four let her string along, she starts to make new friends and is immediately drawn to Towa who is her classmate. But when she cheers for them at a practice match, she runs into her childhood friend, Aya, who turns out to be a boy!

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