You never know what might change if you don't give up.
Maki Sudou
Biographical Information
Kanji 須藤 マキ
Rōmaji Sudou Maki
Also known as Maki-chan
Sudou-san (by Mitsuki Haruno)
Physical Statistics
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (1st year, Class 1)
Afilliation Seiryo High School

Seiryo Girl's Basketball Club

Maki Sudou (須藤 マキ, すどう まき, Sudou Maki) is a 1st year high school student and a member of the girls basketball club.


Maki is an average girl with neck-length black hair and fairly sharp dark eyes. She is seen mostly with a bright smile around others. She has a fierce face that she considers her inferiority complex. Her typical attire consists of either her school uniform or practice clothes.


Maki has a straightforward and refreshing personality. She is nice and friendly with Mitsuki Haruno and Reina Yamada. She has the tendency to mess things up and gets depress quite easily. 


Mitsuki Haruno

Maki is friends with Mitsuki. They incidentally met after Mitsuki overheard a group of seniors from the girls' basketball club who were reprimanding Maki. Mitsuki stepped in and offered to help make a banner for the team. They were suspicious at first, but later agreed after learning that she was serious and has led the cheering for the boys before. Maki was very grateful to Mitsuki and they became acquainted. Sometimes, Maki would visit her at the classroom to have a chat.  


  • Maki has a crush on Towa Asakura.
  • Maki has a white wristband that she wanted Towa to sign but she was unsuccessful.
  • Maki is also friends with Rui Miyamoto.


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