I think the girls who are amazing are those who never gives in, no matter how many times they fall apart.
Kyousuke Wakamiya
Biographical Information
Kanji 若宮 恭介
Rōmaji Wakamiya Kyōsuke
Also known as Kyousuke
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Birthday November 12
Physical Statistics
Gender Male
Height 182 cm
Weight 68 kg
Blood Type A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (2nd year, class 4)
Afilliation Seiryo High School

Seiryo Basketball Club

Position Power Forward
Personal Status
Relatives Parents

2 female siblings

Kyousuke Wakamiya (若宮 恭介, わかみや きょうすけ, Wakamiya Kyōsuke)is one of the main characters of the series Haru Matsu Bokura. He is a 2nd year high school student and a member of the Seiryo Basketball Club.


Kyousuke is a tall and slender young man with black hair and dark purple eyes. He appears to have a gentle smile and wears a pair of glasses. During a basketball match, he wears the number 5 Seiryo jersey uniform with his hair tied up in a half ponytail style. He usually dons a dark colored sweater vest under his prescribed school uniform.


Kyousuke has a calm and caring personality. He is an intelligent but strangely seductive senpai, by which Towa Asakura and the rest think is his formidable trait. He is playful at times and likes to tease his friends especially Mitsuki Haruno. He is very perceptive in a way that he can easily read a person's actions. He is considered a big brother who is both a good listener and adviser to Mitsuki and others. He is the most mature among his friends and knows how to deal with girls by treating them nicely.


Mitsuki Haruno Edit

Kyousuke treats Mitsuki as his younger sister. They became friends after a little misunderstanding at the cafe where she met him along with Towa AsakuraRui Miyamoto and Ryuuji Tada. They become regular costumers at the cafe where they would hang out after their club activities. Because Kyousuke likes to tease Mitsuki, she oftentimes gets nervous around him. Mitsuki starts to rely on him for some advice after he told her to share her thoughts and worries with him. During their amusement park trip, Kyousuke becomes aware of the person Mitsuki likes and encourages her to be more honest about her feelings.


  • His name Kyousuke means "respectful" (恭) (kyou) and "to be between" (介) (suke).
  • Kyousuke's surname Wakamiya means "young, immature" (若) (waka) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).
  • Kyousuke's favorite food is penne arrabiata and likes to drink coffee.
  • Kyousuke's position in his team is power forward. His jersey number used to be 8.
  • Kyousuke wears a pair of loafer shoes with his daily school uniform.
  • Kyousuke teaches his friends and helps them study.
  • Kyousuke is a mild sadist as shown in his fondness of playfully punishing his friends.
  • Kyousuke has an ex-girlfriend who is older than him during his junior high.
  • Kyousuke claims he won't date a girl even if he really likes her, as long as dating girls is banned in their basketball club.


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