Hiragana あなしん
Gender Female
Birth Date June 26
Gender Female
Birth Place Owase City,

Mei Prefecture, Japan

Blood Type O
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Profession Manga Artist
Genre Shoujo
Known For Haru Matsu Bokura [1]

Anashin (あなしん) is a japanese manga artist known for creating the shoujo manga Haru Matsu Bokura or Waiting For Spring. She debuted in "Dessert 20" on 2/2010, and drew a full digital manga while having her sister as an assistant. Her pen name is named after her three cats named, Ann, Nana and Shin. [2]


  • Yumekoi ユメコイ (2012, 1 volume )
  • Akuma de koi Shiyou あくまで恋しよう (2012, 1 volume )
  • Hiren Trip ヒレントリップ (2013, 2 volumes)
  • Haru Matsu Bokura 春待つ僕ら (2014 - ongoing)
  • Anashin's Work Collection "3+1 Sanpuraichi" あなしん初期作品集「3+1 サンプライチ」(2016, 1 volume)


  • Yumekoi Volume 1
  • Akuma de koi Shiyou Volume 1
  • Hiren Trip Volume 1
  • Hiren Trip Volume 2
  • Anashin's Work Collection "3+1 Sanpuraichi" Vol 1
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